Fitness Sessions

Swimming Sessions

Fun and Fitness Sessions

Our hydrotherapy sessions are all undertaken by our fully qualified small animal hydrotherapists.
The therapist will tailor the session around your dog’s breed, age and behaviour. The goals of the session may include water confidence, muscle building or general fitness.

Fitness Sessions

Fitness sessions are hydrotherapy sessions suitable only for dogs with no pre-existing conditions. Following an assessment by one of our therapists, they will adapt the session to the dog’s breed, age and behaviour. These sessions are carried out by one of our qualified small animal hydrotherapists who will be with your dog the entire session.

Sessions may take place in either the water treadmill or the hydrotherapy pool. Swimming is a brilliant form of exercise for dogs to carry out. Swimming has been shown to improve muscle strength, general cardiovascular fitness and overall muscle mass and tone.

Fitness sessions are suitable for dogs of all ages. These sessions can also be used to help improve a dog’s confidence around water or simply as a way to undergo controlled exercise in a safe environment.

Sessions are carried out using positive reward-based training and force free handling to promote a safe and controlled environment. This allows dogs to build up their confidence at their pace.

Please note that all of our hydrotherapy sessions do require full veterinary consent and the medical history prior to booking. Not all dogs may be suitable for these type of sessions but one of our team are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.


Fun and Fitness Hydrotherapy Initial Session
£42 for 1 Dog
Fun and Fitness Hydrotherapy Sessions
£35 for 1 Dog

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