Decreasing Pain

Improving cardiovascular fitness

Improving quality of life

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation

Our hydrotherapy services are carried out under the care of our fully qualified and devoted team of small animal hydrotherapists and veterinary physiotherapists. The team works in conjunction with your vet and any specialists involved in your animal’s care to develop a treatment plan unique to them.
Our team tailors all treatment to the breed, age and condition of your animal. Any client attending for treatment will firstly undergo an initial consultation.
We offer hydrotherapy in either the water treadmill or a large-heated hydrotherapy pool. This allows us the flexibility to choose the best method of hydrotherapy treatment for your pet. Our decision for treatment will be based on the patient’s history and condition.
Our large hydrotherapy team allows us to be able to treat patients of all sizes, breeds and ages. All members are trained in handling for both neurological and complex orthopaedic cases.
Any client attending for treatment will firstly undergo an initial consultation

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Our hydrotherapy team are highly trained and qualified. The team strive to deliver a professional, friendly and passionate care for all animals treated.

  • Decreasing Pain
  • Reducing Muscle tension
  • Increasing joint range of motion
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Improving muscle mass and strength
  • Slowing the progression of degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and degenerative myelopathy
  • Improving overall quality of life

Hydrotherapy Pool

We are home to one of Ireland’s largest canine hydrotherapy pools. The pool has a submerged physiotherapy platform allowing for physiotherapeutic or aquatic massage treatments to be carried out in the heat of the water. The pool is kept to 30-32c to provide a therapeutic and comforting environment for our patients.

All patients are paired with a hydrotherapist who will be with them throughout the session and be hands on with them in the pool.

Water Treadmill

The centre has Ireland’s largest water treadmill which gives us the ability to treat patients of all sizes and can also allow us to have multiple therapists inside the treadmill to support and be hands on during treatment.

The treadmill allows for gait re-education and correction. It is particularly useful for patients after orthopaedic surgery. It is particularly useful for dogs with neurological conditions or those that have underwent spinal surgery.

We are able to adjust the water height to patient’s size and comfort levels. We can adapt this to affect the level of buoyancy given. Alongside this, we can adjust the speed and timing of the belt to ensure we get the movement we desire in a rehabilitation plan.


Hydrotherapy Session - Single Dog
Single Dog Session £35.00
Hydrotherapy Session - Double Dog
Double Dog Session £60.00

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