About Aqua Dog

Leading Canine

Aqua Dog is Ireland’s largest canine hydrotherapy centre. The centre is led by Joanne Mulholland who has over ten years-experience of leading a busy referral clinic for hydrotherapy rehabilitation.

Our Story

Transforming Lives Through Hydrotherapy

Joanne opened Aqua Dog in January 2016, following months of intensive training at other centres. She qualified in small animal hydrotherapy at South Coast Hydrotherapy where she gained specialist skills and knowledge. Joanne had been using hydrotherapy for her own dogs for nearly 11 years prior to this with her own dogs. At the time Leyna and Katie, (rottweilers) had poor hips and a history of cruciate disease. Leyna was also an amputee patient who greatly benefited from hydrotherapy and weekly swimming.

Joanne has dedicated her life to the care of dogs. She aims to deliver a caring, committed and passionate service at an affordable price. Along with her son, Luke, they strive to improve the standards of the industry across Ireland as a whole.

Aqua Dog is at the forefront of hydrotherapy on the island. She leads a large dedicated team of hydrotherapists and physiotherapists to provide a high quality service of care and treatment for all dogs.

Eight years down the line, Aqua Dog has grew greatly and is at the forefront of hydrotherapy in NI. Joanne now leads a dedicated team of hydrotherapists to provide the best care and treatment for all dogs. If you happen to be a dog owner seeking to enhance the well-being of your furry companion, whether it’s promoting overall fitness, aiding in pre and post operative recovery, or exploring alternative approaches for common ailments like arthritis, we invite you to visit us and explore the various conservative management options available.

Meet The Team

Why Choose Us?


Aqua Dog offers sessions at an affordable rate

Insurance Coverage

All treatments can be claimed through insurance as all members of the team are registered with trade bodies such as the institute of registered veterinary & animal physiotherapists (IRVAP)

Personalized Treatment

All treatment is tailor made for patients based on their specific needs and requirements

All Breed Friendly

All dogs, of all sizes and breeds are welcome

Outstanding Ratings

Rated 5 out of 5 by over 200 clients

Largest Facility

Aqua Dog is the largest hydrotherapy centre in NI with a bespoke water treadmill and physiotherapy clinic

Veterinary Collaboration

Work closely with numerous veterinary clinics and are a primary referral centre for hydrotherapy

Media Recognition

Featured on BBC Radio Ulster and Today FM


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